Take a look below at Digital Designs created during my time at Michigan State University including work for a nonprofit and creations I did for fun.  


Through working as Creative Director / Graphic Designer with Michigan State University Sandbox Street Team, a talented group of students and I were able to come up with social media content, event ideas and advertising material to help the Lansing nonprofit with their online presence and event marketing. Content created included a logo reimagined. Facebook, instagram and snapchat post templates, stickers and a concept list. LOUDSPACE provides local artist with instruments and a stage to perform and develop their skills for free to an audience. 

Helping Hands

Helpings Hands is an affordable option for adults and seniors needing respite care in the East Lansing area. I was the Creative Director/Graphic Designer for this student led project. Below are various slides from a presentation to show our client our ideas including changing their logo, an informative brochure and their website/social media strategy improved. 


Logo Designs

Digital Edits

Website Design

Task: Design and code a website based off 
something you enjoy.


Outcome: A design based on cheek beauty products.